Sunday, July 11, 2010

Yingli Solar (YGE)

Finding this stock has been the best part of my world cup experience so far. Opportunity is everywhere, for those who pay attention.

YGE is gobbling up the solar market in California. The company also boasts robust fundamentals. I took a starter position at 10.97 and the stock is up 14% in the three days since.

I'm holding this bad boy for the longer term though, and happy to accumulate in the 10.50-8.50 range. I think it will eventually break into a higher range.

I also have a further small exposure to solar in the shape of a nascent FSLR position.


  1. Not sure when this was written, but isn't 12 range now, a higher range? This article seems outdated if posted as current on July 11.

    Agree with bullish comments on YGE though.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for commenting. My initial buy was here:
    The stock was at 10.97. This was just following the Netherlands world cup semi-final. I saw YGE advertising all over the place and the next morning research yielded fundamentals that I liked.

    I'll look to add to my position on dips in the 10-11 area. In the relatively unlikely event of a drop to 8.50 I would be positioned to double down. I am bullish with a price target of around 20.