Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ramble Ramble Ramble

Another early start to a weekend day. What's happening to me? Maybe I'm developing good habits. I mean good in the "not self-destructive" sense of the word. More to come on that later, my thoughts on that need to simmer a little longer.

I'm up being awesome again though, so not all bad.

I was reading Babylon once more. It's great stuff and you should definitely check it out if you have any desire to stack dollar bills. If you don't have any such inclination stop reading this blog right now, for we have nothing in common and surely you will struggle to relate to this subject matter.

I digress.

In the latest chapter, our friend Akrad (The richest dude in this ancient city) tells us to be wary of who we entrust our money to. Seems like a good lesson, especially given the prevalence of Ponzi schemes these days. Are those 30-40% returns every year really sustainable? Do your due diligence folks. Remember when I said I liked overlap? That's the reason I think this is blogworthy. I read something similar from my boy Rob. He talks about being careful who you take advice from. Seems sensible, no?

Off to eat some oatmeal.

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