Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autumn Blogging

Before we get started: There's a car driving around my neighbourhood with a megaphone on top of it. This guy is speaking adamantly about something. I wish I knew what it was about. Instead I just close my window, hope it's not important and forget about it.

Down to business: I know I've been neglectful. I'm sorry. The truth is, while I have been incredibly busy as of late, my time is expensed on rather dull activities. I'd rather not muse on the mundane. I think that's the best course of action for everyone involved in this blogging experience.

I'm still not really doing anything particularly BLOGWORTHY. And yet, here I am, tapping key upon key after we just agreed I'd stop writing about doing nothing. But wait, you're forgetting how selfless I am. This blog post isn't even about me. One of the best dudes I know, my main man @Senortardez has just himself embarked on a worthy journey. He's off to Japan to teach English and generally strengthen his international pimp hand. I'm sure he'll be a part of this blogging game soon enough, able to recount his story for you with his own poignant prose.

After seeing a tweet this morning announcing his arrival in Tokyo, it wasn't long until I was thinking about my own arrival here. The mix of uncertainty, anxiety and excitement was intoxicating. Traveling alone is an unreal experience. I'm excited to hear about his adventure and the opportunities it has provided me to reflect on my own.

As I predicted earlier, October was bound by the laws of nature to be a bountifully productive month. Indeed it has been, the Jworthy Almanac of Productivity logs another victory. I have put my head down and I'm starting to hit my stride. I like the idea of being in school, or a similar routine. Being productive feels awesome. The weather here is more familiar to me than it's ever been: As overcast rolls in permanently and the temperature plummets. The time to conquer the world is now.

I also have some visitors coming in a few days, which I'm pretty excited about.

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