Saturday, October 10, 2009

Enter: Autumn

I can't sleep, surely a sign I am getting healthy. I thought I'd blog. Half-hoping it would put me to sleep. Hopefully not you though.

The last few weeks, despite it being October, the temperature has managed to maintain a spot somewhere in the high 20's (approx 80F). In short, it's been awesome. The wet June aside, the weather has been fantastic the last 5-6 months. Until Friday, when the temperature plummeted closer to the fall climate to which I am more accustomed. Cloud, fog and rain rolled in over the mountains, obscuring the TV tower on the hilltop.

The last two days have been cold, dreary and reminiscent of Newfoundland. I've had to wear sweaters. Or, would that be jumper? Sorry. I'm still adjusting to the intricacies of dialect, I suppose.

But the cold air feels good to inhale. I realize I have a lot more garb for this kind of weather than summer. It's obvious, everywhere I've ever lived has been wet, cold and windy for many months of the year. Kingston should be of notable distinction in this regard. This is now exactly the same as that. It's like I'm at home in a terrible way. Still comforting.

Wet leaves stick to my shoes, which now squeak on tile floors. My pocket is stuffed with Kleenex, obviously I have a cold. I'm tearing through my stores of tea with voracity, idly watching, as the sun darts faster and faster for it's home behind the hills. But I feel a renewed sense of vigor. In a depressing way, this is what I'm used to. Over the last four years these have been the days where I hit Stauffer library with the most tenacity and ambition.

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