Saturday, October 3, 2009

Disclosure Revisited

Once again, here are all my positions and how they've changed during the week. I know this isn't that interesting to read but it's been helpful for me I think. After all, 9 times out of 10 I care more about making money than you reading my blog, no offense.

I promise if it starts to get out of control I will find a way to post it somewhere else. It's just that I'm feeling more analytical than creative, at present.

More real content to come soon.

XPH from 24.42 now @ 34.64 - Putting in a stop @32 to protect gains.
UEC from 1.66 now @ 2.73 - Sold 20% of original already at 3.11, holding for a while.
FTK from 1.83 now @ 2.14 - Bough 20% @1.85
4/5 ENTR from 2.57 now @ 2.24 - Cancelled stop @ 2.56, Bought 20% @2.41, bought 20% @2.32
TGB from 2.46 now @ 2.47 - Hold, sell on a channel break with volume.
1/3 MOS from 47.43 now @ 46 Bought 20% @ 48.07, Bought 40% at 45.51
CAEI from 1.63 now @ 1.56 - Hold. Doubled down at 1.51
GLW from 15.26 now @14.84 - Added 25% @ 14.56, 25%@ 14.54 watching volume at current resistance.
GOOG from 496.08 now @ 484.58 -long term
SQM from 37.77 now @ 36.96- accumulating. Doubled down at 36.40
IBM from 119.20 now @119.02 Holding until 1st quarter 2010.

20% CASH

When I'm talking about fraction or percentage points I'm talking about how much of the original position or the amount of capital I am willing to allocate relative to the position I'm maintaining. I know that is about as clear as mud. Basically it is just feeble position sizing practice.

The best example this week is MOS. I know it's dangerous to chase a stock. I maintain that I am not. I have a plan and rather than try and pick the exact lowest price it makes sense to average in. In this instance I think the stock can go mucho higher. Had I not sold while the stock was running last week (around 53). I would have dropped the whole position. However, I sold and had cash sitting on the sidelines. When the stock dipped I grabbed. Instead of a cost basis of 51, I have a price of 47.5. It's still a loser and I have 20% more of the position I'm willing to throw at it. Same goes for SQM.

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