Monday, May 10, 2010

Only in Bratislava

In a few weeks time, Slovakia will host it's first Pride Parade. The mainstream media is celebrating this as a progressive step forward.

The mainstream media however, is at stark odds with some of the most prominent politician's in the country, whose views are boldly espoused here.

It's hard to imagine an elected official in Canada saying such things. It should remind us how far we've come and how there are people and places in the world that know oppression we couldn't fathom. Here are some "highlights" from the linked article:

"We'll show them here, on streets of Slovakia's capital, that they're an undesirable element here. I'll personally come to spit at them," announced Slota.

"It has nothing to do either with morals, Christian traditions or a society based on the family. I'm firmly convinced that it's sick," said Slota.

"... But I don't want my kids to look at those lunatics," added Slota."

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