Thursday, May 13, 2010

Slota Update

I hate to keep ragging on racist Slovak politicians (not really). But in "honour" of Jan Slota, I post some more of his public statements for your viewing "enjoyment"/awe.

(about homosexuals): "I have no problem with them, if they will stay in shadow
and just make their disgusting sexual orgies."

"If the Slovak National Party is extremist, than Hungarians are radioactively
extremists, they radiate more than Chernobyl. The best solution would be
backfill them with beton."

"Slovaks are probably genetically stupid."

"Drug dealers must immediately be shot, [Deputy PM for Economy Ivan]
MikloŇ° immediately fired, Hungarians forbidden, Gypsies destroyed,
Americans spat on, and the 17 secret service agents sicked on Slota
recalled. Is that enough?"

You can find the quotes in their entirety, here. Read/shake your head at your own risk.

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