Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ironing, Zen and a Clear Mind

It was nice not to be hungover today. Enough so that I felt the need to mention it in the title of this blog post, apparently.

I've done my best to get my "Carpe Diem" on and take advantage of my able mind and body. It's been productive.

I am finally getting around to this giant heap of ironing. It's LONG overdue. Ironing has been something that traditionally, I have loathed. It's tedious, boring, and for what?

I'm changing my attitude. Summer is coming. I can't hide under sweaters. I need to be consistently ironing to look and feel my best. Shit.

Rather than procrastinate, feel guilt and look shabby, I'm trying to embrace the chore for what it is. It's about making me look crisp-as-hell. I can take pride in becoming great at ironing, because it will only benefit my image. It's still obviously not a thrill, but I need to do it for the same reasons I shower everyday. By recognizing it's importance the task seems more worthwhile.

I've found that a good ironing soundtrack helps too.

If you're looking for more mind food today, I watched Obama's recent commencement speech this morning, worth checking out.

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