Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Late Night Nonsense

Kobe is an unreal athlete.

Today I learned that Twitter originated from a notepad project "(hattip@squasher)"

I'm interested to learn more about what's going down with the Eastern European banking system.

I've been reading a lot is the one I wrapped up today. My Dad got it for me, I found the cover offensive. At first glance, Larry irked me. The book was blunt, and I think it will help me. The gist of it is that people need to work harder to achieve better results. It's a simple book. I think simple is good.

I'm also reading "A Random Wall Down Wall Street." It's challenging me to work harder and remain skeptical with regards to my trading strategy. I need to be critical and patient, I hear there is a lot of garbage advice on the internet. Best be careful this time. I've been trading less this week and letting positions ride a little bit more. I think I waste less time checking twitter and it's a step towards developing my system. I want to be able to trade while working full time.

That being said, I don't like the idea of working exclusively during the business day. I struggle a little bit with structure and will often find myself working on work problems well into the night.

Speaking of well into the night, that's where we find ourselves. I'm out.

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