Monday, April 6, 2009

A New Tale

I need to focus. This blog is lame, exceptionally third tier, if I do say so myself. Given my upcoming drastic change in living situation (1 week of undergrad left, then moving to Bratislava Slovakia shortly thereafter), I feel a new purpose might be in order.

It sounds uber-weak to say that I am about to start a new chapter of my life, but it's true, and I don't want to waste time looking for a better way to say it. I have a lot to learn and I am sure that I will find myself in predicaments that at present, remain unfathomable. I am going to blog about those experiences.

I am going to keep "Stacking Bills" or "Counting Scrilla'" as a permanent theme, and I think it will only become more relevant as I find myself the recipient of a very incentive-laden contract that will reward good work.

I think documenting what I do with this money is really important to my financial wellbeing, accountability is clutch. I am afraid however, that this blog might get bogged down with financial nonsensery. It will of course then remain contingent on how active I am in the management of my funds. At this point I find myself extremely apprehensive about trying to forecast my short term future.

For my friends and family who want to know what I am up to, hopefully this will more than suffice. If you come visit me then we can share stories.

I want to do a lot of Live-Blogging. I think it is kind of my style, very attention-deficit disorder. Especially if I am traveling a lot, which is something I want to do.

It is a means of communication. Give me feedback. Let me know if you are going to be in my neighborhood.

I'm joining the 31 days to a better blog, with my buddy @problogger. Pretty sweet. Task one is setting a mission for this blog. My marketing professor said you always needed to serve somebody. So I tried to figure that out. That's what prompted this post, by the way.

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