Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I finally got a new computer. I am elated, despite the shaky internet connection I am being forced to endure. I plan on figuring out WTF is up with that later tonight.

After 5 years of kicking the shit out of my computer for approximately 16 hours a day it gets to ease its way into retirement. Usage will be restricted to iTunes and an occasional browsing of the internets.

Tomorrow the wardrobe gets upgraded. New work clothes and shoes.

Unusually enough, my life is moving a little bit faster than I am comfortable with. Basically, I am about to get slapped in the face by the Slovak Republic.

Maybe a month of sitting at home practicing the language and researching more about culture would have been worth it.

Fuck that.

A fitting analogy would be when one is partaking in alpine sports. It's always a great time but sometimes you get going a little bit too fast and relinquish more control than you would like to admit, than is probably safe. You feel yourself leaning back on your board as it begins to take off beneath you. The wind starts to burn on your face a little bit more and you squint your eyes. Snow flies in the air with every carve you make, scarring the pristine hill in your wake. You breathe in and forget to breathe out.

Sometimes you need to dump some speed, turning the plank(s) to which you are strapped, perpendicular to the undoubtedly steep fall line. Most of the time however, you continue accelerating down the hill, because while it might be a little dangerous, it is exhilarating as shit. Even when you do fall, usually you just slide around for a bit and pop back up.

Falling hurts the most when you are standing still.

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