Friday, May 1, 2009

Threaded Tight

It feels good to purge my belongings. Mostly because I get to replace them. For some reason I am confident that I will be making copious amounts of coin soon so I am spending with reckless abandon, racking up debt by the boatload. On my parents credit card, no less.

I had an engaging evening yesterday, getting to see some old friends. It was funny to be put into a room with a gang of old friends. It was easy to see how people have changed, or more often, remained the same. I don't think it is appropriate or necessary to try and judge whether or not these old acquaintances are better or worse off then they were 5 years ago. They're my friends, and I want them to be well; but who am I, with my extremely limited view of their realities, to attempt to judge and quantify their emotional contentment. Once again, I think that self-awareness is clutch. All I can hope for, when hoping for someone else's happiness is that they are cognizant of their situation. With that awareness, they can pursue the tools to change, or decide they are happy the way things are.

In completely unrelated news, I haven't been writing about the market much but I have held a few long positions with minimal selling. Mainly S, CROX, EZCH, UNH and XPH. I am holding XPH indefinitely and will continue to add to the position whenever it dips below $25.

Here's a link for a cool podcast I listened to today about market fallacies. Anyone thinking about being a lawyer should check their logic.

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