Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun in the Bratislava Sun and Video Tours.

The weather has been spectacular and all signs point to the same thing this week. We managed to take advantage of the lovely day by playing rugby and touring about town. Once again Sherisse was a godsend of a tour guide. I am feeling very capable on the trams and busses now because of the help she and Sarp have provided.

It's still Slovakia; however, and our afternoon tours around town were delayed by about an hour because of two different trams breaking down. Whenever there is a problem with one tram it messes up all of them and you soon see a long line of trams stuck idle blocking large portions of the street. Makes you feel like you are not the only one being screwed, and gives some insight into the pace of life here.

My new favorite hobby while Sarp smokes on the balcony is to stand with him and watch people try to parallel park on the street in front of our building. The 9 stories separating us from the ground provide a great view for when things go wrong. Since I'm in the mood for sweeping generalizations I will say that Slovaks are horrible at parking, as I saw two bumpers get scratched up this afternoon.

Some quick YouTube searching might give you an idea of what life is like here:

LEGIT video tour of Slovakia, albeit with weird music.

Driving around Bratislava:
1:01 the UFO bridge. That's the one the communists built in place of the synagogue I mentioned yesterday. There is a rotating restaurant at the top.

1:17 Bratislava Castle.

1:24-1:48 is St. Nicholas' Cathedral. Right across the street you can imagine a bunch of drunk kids. If you note the really skinny yellow building on the left that is a clock museum. Most boring museum ever. It also marks the older Jewish district, located outside the city walls for reasons I'm sure you can fathom.

3:49 there are these Enrique posters at bus stops everywhere. I guess he is all the rage here.

4:51 an accurate if not small sample of what most girls here look like, from my experience thus far. Hair colour varies. If you want to do further research into what the girls are like youtube provides a plethora of evidence.

5:18 might as well be the garbage tram I was on today. Another huge church in the background. I'm not sure which one this is.

Other than those times the rest of the movie is pretty whack.

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