Saturday, May 23, 2009


I just went to gas station to buy some chips and a badly liquid supply of electrolytes.

I wanted salt and vinegar chips but obviously that was too much to ask for. They also only have the orange flavour of Fanta in this country.

Seriously though, I couldn't have asked for them if I had wanted. I also couldn't read the bag. Upon my return home I figured out I had gotten the "mountain salt" flavour, whatever that is.

Dealing with the big things is easier in some ways because they are things that you can anticipate and prepare for. The perpetual erosion of life quality by everyday slights is tiring and starting to get to me.

Not being able to talk to anyone is actually really annoying.

NOTE: I'm more awake and feeling better, the immediate effects of the chip incident have passed. And I found this article:

NOTE II: Stumbled across this article and I quite like it. Politicians aren't business men. I think it resonates with me so much because the city I'm in right now is like a case study on the matter.

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