Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Working in a Small World

I have finished my first "real" day of work. That being said, the fact that it was the first day takes away from the realness of it, if you know what I mean. The first real day will blindside me a month or two down the road, some idle Tuesday afternoon.

Today was my first stab at what my job will be. Sitting at a desk with a phone and a spreadsheet trying to organize meetings and seminars with senior level pharmaceutical and biotech executives. The shake and stutter of my speech on the first sales call sounded like a remix of the pitch I was supposed to deliver. The second one was a little better. I hope that trend continues, soon enough I'mma sound like this

The more people I can get to attend these things, the more money I get, uncapped. It's that easy, in theory.

It's worth getting good and I guess now is the time to start stepping up to the plate. It's quite uncomfortable right now though, which just means I will have to learn more in order to get comfortable. It's a matter of talking to people, time to start logging my 10,000 hours.

I went to lunch with a coworker today who commutes from Vienna each day. He mentioned that on his bus to the train station yesterday he ran into someone I went to high school with. It's not such a big scary world after all.

Late this afternoon I found myself slightly perturbed because, the man steering the tin can charading as a vector for public transportation was drunk. I am stating that with 62% certainty. The number is based on stereotypes and erratic driving.

Off to bed so that I am well rested for the Slovak lesson tomorrow before work.

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