Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fridays are Fun.

I made note of my potential plans yesterday. The weather took a turn for the better and so we did indeed head to the aforementioned festival.

Before we left, I meant to eat dinner but upon opening the fridge was struck by the realization that I had only a tall can of beer. A fitting prelude to the evening ahead.

The bus ride was reminiscent of a train in India. As we approached the city centre the bus became more and more saturated with young and boisterous party goers until it was too full to let people on and the stops became a mere formality. Once we arrived at the festival it quickly vomited it's contents onto the street.

The music festival was like Bluesfest, or any other outdoor music festival I've attended, with a few differences worthy of note:

-It was free, because of the Zlaty Bazant sponsorship.
-There were no tickets or defined festival grounds, presumably because it was free.
-We were able to bring our own liquor, when it did eventually run out the beer was very cheap.
-The stage had a shower, which I would later learn was to facilitate a wet t-shirt contest.

Aside: When you go to a party and meet a motley crew of new people, it's often hard to remember all their names. It's a lot harder when the people you are meeting have names that you have never heard before/couldn't dream up, and for the most part, can't figure out how to spell.

After the music went off at the festival I ended up, fittingly, at a place called Nonsense Bar. My boss and a few other colleagues were sitting around bottles of Sky vodka and Redbull.

My night ended relatively early, I got home around 4am.

To the uninitiated reader: I usually attempt to make my ramblings a little more flowery than this. The majority of my mental faculties however, are being used to "not kill myself." Off to watch Oz to convince myself my life ain't so bad.

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