Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fly Out

It's about to go down. I still need to cull a pair of shoes and a few white t's to keep my bag from weighing the plane down too much. I also need to do something about the writhing headache that quietly follows in the wake of Jaeger and Sauza abuse. I've "wasted" a bunch of time this morning hanging out with my friends/wrestling a hangover but it was fun and thus not a waste. I am a little rushed now but this way I just have to do stuff and don't have time to worry and be emo.

I am also about to get rid of my cell phone which will make me feel pretty disconnected.

For those of you following along at home,

Fly Out of Montreal around 10pm, layovers in Paris and Prague before touching down in Bratislava tomorrow around 6pm local time. With the drive to Montreal it works out to be a 24 hour adventure. I am stocked up on gravol and red bull enabling me to fully manipulate my sleep schedule.

I'll try to blog on the regular as soon as I have internet.

Going to try and live blog in an airport depending on the availability of time and internet.

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