Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Thing or Two

Second day of real work, first day of Slovak lessons.I'm not sure which was more overwhelming.

Truth be told, neither was that brutal.
I got some good advice from my Sales manager after work today. He has been quite intense at work so far, but proved nice after hours. We agreed about not taking life too seriously. He also said he felt odd giving advice because he thought everyone would be giving me advice given my situation. The conversation was lubricated by a fair number of beers, of course.

I learned about Slovak rap music from one of my Slovakian colleagues. He's going to give me a sample soon. It was explained to me that it makes sense for rap music to be so popular here. The same atmosphere permeating the inner-city ghetto of the American urban metropolis responsible for the spawning of gangster rap was birthed long ago on the fringes of a failing communist society. These cities have some of the oldest sub standard housing and living conditions in the world.

The other day on CNN (the only channel I can understand other than BBC) I saw a segment about rap music taking root in Iraq and it showed young kids spitting unwritten rhymes on the streets of Baghdad. Seems fitting.

Like America though, a lot of these Slovakian rappers are felt to be selling out.

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