Friday, May 22, 2009

I Worked for the Weekend

Count it.

At the prompting of the office manager I'm going to get my visa application underway Monday. I'm only allowed to be here for 90 days without telling anyone. For whatever reason though, my passport never got stamped and so I could theoretically be an alien here forever since no one knows when I entered.

Last night I got drunk with my Irish boss. We saw a guy pretending to roundhouse kick his friend in the street (Welcome to Slovakia). My boss started mumbling with a suddenly heavy Irish accent along the lines of..."you'll be pickin up your teeth with broken fingers...not so tough when a barstool hits ya in the back of the neck..."

I also learned there is a German term for hangover that translates directly to "There are carpenters in my head."

I commented to a Slovak coworker about how I thought my bus driver was drunk.
He replied with "I hope I die passed out on a bus like my grandfather. And unlike his passengers."

Some things today that stood out to me as odd/weird/different:

-On the way to work I saw two suit-clad 60+ year old men drinking red wine on a patio.

-My thoughts on the complete lack of public safety proved prophetic again when I saw a street light with about 2948293 exposed live wires at my bus stop.

-On the way to the aforementioned bus stop I saw a midget with no arms. Yup.

-I have yet to see a Slovak man pull off a suit. I think it might have something to do with the effeminate wallets/notebooks they carry in their hand

-I guess they can't be that successful. They don't even have Blackberries.

-At our cluster of desks on the sales floor (it's kind of like "The Office"... how appropriate) we have representation from Canada, France, Ireland, Slovakia, America and Mexico. It's more diversity in 8 hours than 4 years at Queen's.

Well I'm off to a toga party. I thought my days of getting drunk in costume were fast gone, not so. Once again, "Welcome to Slovakia!"

UPDATE: Nutella SERVES peanut butter. Europe 1, North America: 0

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