Friday, May 8, 2009

Live Blogging: Prague Airport

9:36am EAST -->3:36pm GMT+1

Got off in Prague, the descent over the city was long and really pretty. You could definitely see all those communist housing blocks. They are massive concrete apartment buildings all clustered together. They are positioned at an angle such that they would not domino one another in the event that the Americans bombed them. I am hoping that I will have a good view when arriving in Bratislava [editor's note: since I am posting this delayed, I can say that it was a much quicker and less scenic descent into Bratislava], hopefully the Google Maps research I have done will pay off.

I am unable to get internet without having to pay more, unfortunately, so this posting will be a little bit delayed.

The washrooms have two buttons of different sizes in the place of the North American handle/lever mechanism that we are familiar with. I pushed the smaller button on a whim and everything went as I was hoping. I still do not know what the big one is for.

The airport in Prague is really nice and way less hectic than Paris where a lady pretending to be deaf and mute tried to get me to sign something while robbing me. Lucky for me I was in a rush and so didn't stick around long enough to get taken advantage of.

I tried doing some serious laundry in the bathroom as my pants have a musty puke odor on them from the FrenchAir Beefdish debacle of 2am-3:30am May 7th, somewhere over international waters. I am lucky I brought extra clothes in my backpack! I'm just chilling in shorts now, which is fine since it is a very sunny 18 degrees.

There are really hot girls rollerblading around the airport, presumably they work here.

I have about an hour and a half here, I might get a drink or just relax and do some reading. I'm extremely exhausted but I have a fat bottle of caffeine pills that I might use to try and get pumped about this last leg/my arrival. I don't want to be boring and sleepy even though that is exactly what I am!

Going to do some reading and look for funny things to write about.

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