Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taking the Plunge: LiveBlog Move to Slovakia.

May 6 2009

4:37 leave home for the last time in awhile.
4:52 realized I have no contact info for anyone in Slovakia, hope they meet me at the airport.
6:27 forcing myself into eating some food with mom and dad. I feel like I want to puke, could be anxiety or hangover.
8:44 taking the plunge, I just got through security, feeling very alone!
8:56 just found a bar and ordering pints of
Ricards red and listening to dave Matthews band. Takeoff in two hours, have a little more drinking to do.

May 7 2009
11:22am arrived in Paris the airport is gigantor but loads of windows and the people are very nice. I am not feeling intimidated about my French which is a nice change from Harvey's in montreal. Highs and lows of the plane trip included an empty seat beside me and projectile-like air sickness. I think it was the gross food?

12:12pm waiting at what I think is my gate to go to Prague!

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