Sunday, May 24, 2009


Another day on the balcony, another parallel parking disaster observed. Awesome.

Responsible decisions last night prompted a relatively early start today. Following a fairly substantial grocery run I spent the majority of the afternoon alone . Sarp's time was committed to attending a BBQ at the Turkish embassy and later, talking his way out of a ticket for fishing without a permit.

More on my flatmate Sarp: He drinks more Coca-Cola than anyone I have ever met. It is also worth noting that such said enamel-decaying beverage is referred to as Coca-Cola here (or Pepsi-Cola, if that's your style). If you try to order a Coke all you get is a confused stare.

Reading a book about sales, loafing in the sun and making iPod playlists reminiscent of times-past were the activities that punctuated my afternoon.

There's a big football (soccer, d'uh) game tonight that Sarp is going to get riled up about so I will spend the next two and a half hours watching a veritable display of emotional angst and instability.

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