Sunday, September 20, 2009

Full Disclosure

In addition to whatever ramblings I've dreamt about this weekend past, I'll post at the bottom, my trading portfolio and my plans for each position. My trading has been successful lately and so naturally, I'm more interested in it. I'm much more invested in things at which I am succeeding, when compared to those at which I am pulling a "Special Jack". Anyways, this is more of an abstract and lame attempt at self-management. But maybe, if I do this now, it will save me some worrying during the week, is how my train of thought rolls. In an ideal world I might even see a meagre improvement in how productive I am, ha.

Sorry about my shoddy job of creative writing this week, by the way. I have approximately 92,461 half-written blog posts. Maybe I'll do some rapid-fire blogging at a later point. Pumping about blog post after blog post. I'm vividly reminded of a female friend in high school who "dated," like that. Much more likely though, they will turn stale on my dashboard.

I was walking around town looking for English books yesterday. Not very successful. I'm not sure what I'll do when I finish my book.

I have always hated milk, chocolate exempt. Obviously. With that in mind, there are three things I like about this country: Girls, liquor prices, and Acidko. Apparently it's "Acid Milk." I don't know what that means, so I call it too delicious to name. Well, allow me to try in vain anyways: It's a hybrd milk-yogurt with a proper twang, (I loathe the word twang). It comes in all kinds of flavours. Today I accidentally bought pineapple instead of vanilla. It's blowing my mind. Another slight positive of being here, is my confidence that the winter will be a relative delight, compared to Ontario. I'm such an optimist.

Sorry for wasting your time by not saying anything of value. Full Disclosure is in progress...

In addition, this week I sold SLW and HERO. Lightning up a little here.

XPH from 24.42 now @ 34.59 - Putting in a stop @32 to protect gains.
UEC from 1.66 now @ 2.94 - Sold 20% of original already at 3.11, holding for a while.
FTK from 1.83 now @ 2.12 - Sold 20% holding to 2.50 and 3 to sell more.
ENTR from 2.78 now @ 2.85 - Sold 40% around 2.94 hold until 3.50, stop @ 2.56
TGB from 2.46 now @ 2.72 - Hold, sell on a channel break with volume.
MOS from 51.44 now @ 54.25 Sold 30% at 53.45 and 30% at 54.14, remaining sell target @ 55.33
CAEI from 1.80 now @ 1.86 - Hold. Accumulate down to 1.50.

65% CASH

UPDATE Sept 23: MOS dipped to 50.12 so I took advantage of the Sale and doubled my position. It's back up to over 51 now so I am happy with the purchase. I also bought a small position of SQM @39.47 I will keep accumulating this. Finally I copped a small amount of GOOG @ 496.27, now @503ish. The GOOG is for the long term. I see great things in the future.

Credit is due to the "Godly Folks of iBC," obviously.

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