Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Unfamiliar Potraviny

This post is about critically and quickly exploring your ideas and random thoughts.

I was on a walk, you see. I made a left turn onto the bumpy sidewalk of a main thoroughfare. In my experience, Slovak pavement work has a long way to go. Anyways, it's a street I've walked many times, always in one direction. It was weird when I saw a Potraviny that looked unfamiliar. It was petty big too. It's good to know where these things are in your neighborhood.

I thought about it, why hadn't I seen this before? I've been here a thousand times? What's different?

Then it clicked, today was the first time I walked the street in the opposite direction. I always get off the tram at this stop. Since I don't buy tickets for the tram, I always peer out one window, watching vigilantly for ticket inspectors. It gives me something to do. And distracts me from the paranoia of people looking at you and speaking in a foreign language.

The end result is that I only look out one side of the tram, studying only one side of the street. But wait, I go to and from work so I look out both windows equally. Except, this Potraviny is nearby my final tram stop. I disembark the tram, take a right turn off the bumpy sidewalk, and I'm on my way. In the morning, I go to the next stop on the line. It's a few minutes further but not much. A slightly obtuse triangle can be drawn between my house and the two stops. The reason for the foray, is because an additional tram swings by my penultimate stop. And in the morning, I'm always paranoid of being late for work so the more chances to hook a street-car the better.

I finally discovered that ignored patch of city, an obscure manifestation of my habits.

Oh yeah, Potraviny is the Depenneur of Slovakia.

Asinine argument or mildly interesting case study? You decide.

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