Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Greenovations, a $ustainable Future

Making Money off of Tree-Hugger Trends.

I'm sure this is a common thought train for a lot of people. Here's my rendition of it:

I was reading the Economist. The typical stories. Politicians espousing big green promises. The economy shits the bed.

The obvious is answer is that for green technology and a real fight against climate change, to gain any traction, it has to be financially stable. There must be a way to make renewable financially sustainable energy. It just hasn't been thought of, or developed enough yet. Science is the answer, I maintain.

I would add that there is a bonus, hidden in a convenient corollary of the above stated. While I believe it true that for a green energy source to be sustainable in the long term it must be financially viable, I also assert that if someone can solve this elaborate puzzle, the rewards will be bountiful. After all, politicians still have promises to uphold. While they rarely have expected to succeed in carrying out their word, they will be greedy to encourage your proliferation, as an energy provider in order to appear so godly.

I don't know too much about how Oligarchies in Russia work but I think this might be a stepping stone on the path to a modern day equivalent.

Today, walking home form work, I saw three of the most beautiful females I've ever seen in my life. That happens to me every day.

Day 2 of the iPod sleep cycle app was equally excellent. Here's hopin' 3's a charm.

UPDATE Sept 23: MOS dipped to 50.12 so I took advantage of the Sale and doubled my position. It's back up to over 51 now so I am happy with the purchase. I also bought a small position of SQM @39.47 I will keep accumulating this. Finally I copped a small amount of GOOG @ 496.27, now @503ish. The GOOG is for the long term. I see great things in the future.

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