Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Blogging

Sat 9:20am: Not enough sleep, so awake.
Reading lots of hilarity about Queen's Homecoming wannabes. That was unbelievably fun shit. I am reading the news, as usual, and there is talk of climate change. My thoughts on it have been discussed here before. Sorry for the relapse. Anyways, the theme is still centered around cap and trade. I remember hearing an interview on CBC with one of these so called gurus. He was different though. He said one of two things would happen: Either humans would have to very soon start thinking about the carbon footprint of their every action and live extremely strategically, or it would start to become a very significant problem with real consequences, when an incredibly innovative solution (how to cool down the sun a bit, or at least block some of it's power, for example) would appropriately mitigate the disaster.

(I wish I could name the dude, I think it was on the program "Ideas," though.

Given humanity, I'm putting my money on the latter. Focus on science and not the misguided feeling to chain yourself to a Red Wood.

Sat 11:58pm: The Story of Buda & Pest.

Before reading the Eastern Europe Lonely Planet I had no idea Budapest was originally two cities, now separated by 9 Bridges. Being in Vienna yesterday and Hungary today reminded me that while B'lava has it's charm, it also still has a long way to go. I forgot, customer service is awesome.

I daydreamed most of the way there. A hilarious parking lot technology fail. We spent the day strolling the streets. Then grabbed lunch. The rest of the day unrolled amidst Saint Steven caliber, luxurious relaxation at a giant thermal bath and spa facility. Based on Sarp's frequent attendance at this particular place, and the 2 hour drive, it's not hard to fathom this might be one of his favourite places in Europe. I have a few inclinations as to why this might be. Namely the sheer awesome of the place. Not bad, for an impromptu foray.

Hopefully I can sleep!

Sun 9:27am:

Just drinking some tea, about to watch the new episode of The Office. Nothing to see here. Plans for the day include homemaker-esque activities to make the week ahead as simple as possible.

Sat 11:36am: About to Clean, but first...Full Disclosure:

XPH from 24.42 now @ 34.60 - Putting in a stop @32 to protect gains.
UEC from 1.66 now @ 2.66 - Sold 20% of original already at 3.11, holding for a while.
FTK from 1.83 now @ 2.07 - Sold 20% holding to 2.50 and 3 to sell more.
ENTR from 2.78 now @ 2.77 - Sold 40% around 2.94 hold until 3.50, stop @ 2.56
TGB from 2.46 now @ 2.47 - Hold, sell on a channel break with volume.
MOS from 51.12 now @ 49.21 Sold 30% at 53.45 and 30% at 54.14, remaining sell target @ 55.33
CAEI from 1.80 now @ 1.73 - Hold. Accumulate down to 1.50.
GLW from 15.64 now @14.84 - Looking to add, watching volume at current resistance.
GOOG from 496.08 now @ 296.08 -long term
SQM from 39.13 now @ 38.62- accumulating.

%5% CASH

I locked in some gains but deployed a little capital on long term holds like GOOG and SQM. The market sold off towards the end of the week. That's fine with me, it can't be green every day. We'll see what this week brings, hopefully some buying opportunities.

Mon 7:35am: I know it's not the weekend but...

Just trying to get stoked about work. I watched a movie last night called The Obama Deception. It was interesting, if not a little one-sided. It focused on the influence of a few uber-wealthy individuals and their plans for the world. Interesting, if nothing else. Time to get back to my oatmeal.

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  1. I love "Ideas". I listened in on Raymond Kurzweil once and it was mind-blowing. He's a futurist. Look him up if you haven't already.