Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Get Konected!!

If you haven't already, check it out!!

It's a project a few of my friends, with the help of a government grant have done an incredible job promoting and putting together. I'm very interested to see what it becomes.

Ultimate thanks to my main man, the editor in chief, @matthewlombardi, himself an incredibly apt wordsmith, for soliciting me an article spot. With him at the helm it's hard to imagine things getting anything but better.

The theme of the publication is "Inspiration for an Enlightened Generation." I kept the theme in mind (feeling more hungover than inspired or enlightened during most of my writing) while actively reflecting upon the recent fairly drastic changes in my way of life.

The only creative scrawling I've ever done has been more or less confined to this blog. So this foray into the world of print and PDF is a daunting leap that I was very self-conscious about making.

I'll quit stalling so you can check it out, now!!

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