Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It's true! Here's what happened:

I was sitting quietly, enjoying a smoked salmon sandwich, when I was rudely interrupted by obnoxious horn honking and a loud but distorted voice. Oftentimes, gypsies drive around in cars yelling things with megaphones. I shrugged it off as a protest or some cheap fake Lacoste sale.

I landed my browser on Twitter and searched for what was happening in Bratislava. I did this once in Vienna to explain why 10,000 students were protesting outside our hotel. No other english source was available.

Of course there was nothing related to the belligerent street-dwellers and dumpster-diverse below to be found. There was however much talk of conferences. People, business travel folk, were talking real time about conferences they were at.

Now, the aim of my company is to systematically destroy business travel, one market segment at a time. This VERY TIMELY information is deemed HIGHLY pertinent.

Anyways, I've gotten distracted and the voice in the megaphone has subsided.

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