Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Joys of Winship

My job involves a lot of rejection. A lot. It's pretty exhausting. I could very accurately model my emotional state with a sine wave that oscillates to each extreme of the spectrum, at an incredible frequency. Each day starts filled with promise, and often times it is ripped out of my outstretched arms at the last second.

That's precisely why it feels so good to win. When the periodic function that depicts my temperament, on any given day, moves to the positive extreme, it's a joy like no other. It feels really good to be good at something that's so hard.

And I'm always getting better. Continuous improvement and steps in the right direction eventually, inevitably, reach a tipping point, and I see real progress. Whether or not I made a sale this day, this hour, this call, matters less than knowing that I am doing the right thing. If I keep doing the right thing, I'm bound to find victory around a corner not so far away, if not the next one.

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