Thursday, April 15, 2010

Documenting a Win

I try to tweet my stock market buys and sells, sometimes to the confusion of rogue followers and social media-adept university friends. Most of the time though, I forget. I have very recently made it a priority. I'm sick of sloppy trading. A reliable income stream from hand-selecting winning equities at sublime valuations seems like a delightful complement to any lifestyle. Ergo, it's worth the practice.

Here's a recent example, it's my best recorded call ever, on account of I've always done an atrocious job. I used the methodology I talked about previously. Although this very well could have been a fluke, I will take this opportunity to declare my winship nonetheless. It's my blog, after all.

I have a personal interest in making money off the subject of cloud computing, one way or another. It's fitting then, that the equity in question is RAX.

Here was the first brazen statement I made (click through the twitpick to see the equity at the time of purchase, $19.25). I've never posted a chart on the internet before. I usually just draw them up and erase them. They're not worthy of the eyes of others. The reason being is, it all seems far too simple. It's an arbitrary thing, really. I'm a very visual person, so it's almost hard not for me to play connect the dots. That's why I can't rely only on some lines and shapes. Anyhow, the story goes on...

Then, I bought.

Celebration ensued. Here's the stock now.

Hopefully more to come. Must stay focused.

Oh yeah, I sold 1/3 of the position just shy of $21 for a 10% win. The volume on the breakout was really strong, and the consolidation this afternoon has been relatively low volume. I think that could mean people are holding on to their shares? That means we go higher?

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