Monday, June 29, 2009

After Hours

I just found out Youtube is currently banned in Turkey. Sarp also posted a Marcy Playground video on Facebook.
Two web2.0 in two sentences, is that over quota?
Anyways grade 5 called and I love it.

I'm working on re-writing our sales pitch. I've already done it once and to some accolade but I'm not all that pleased with it, after further review. A lot of my job is talking to people on the phone, it's like telemarketing but on coke mixed with speed, you might say. A lot of the conversations are varieties on the same theme. I consciously try each day to be the best. I look at call rates and push myself to make the most calls on the floor.

A lot of the sales themed books I've read talk about focussing on what you can control. In this game, it boils down to quality of calls and quantity of calls.

It's like what that guy Joey used to say, work hard but work smarter.

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