Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another PartySlava Weekend

It is really nice to get visitors. This weekend I was lucky enough to host a friend from school. The last three days have been a lot of fun, if not a tad taxing. I'm writing this, sitting at my kitchen table with sunglasses on and a tallcan easily graspable with a slight lateral rotation of my dominant arm. I guess that's indicative of good times.

I was slightly better prepared than when Amit came to visit. The arrival and meet-up was much smoother this time around.

Binge behaviour more or less defined the three days concert girl spent here. Friday saw us at a Hawaiian themed party at a sailing club on the border of Austria. The event was the birthday of a friend of Sarp's. The liquor was free and the music extremely random. We brought a bottle of Absinth along for good measure. The night ended in the pouring rain when we managed to convince a cab driver to let us get in with stolen beach chairs. The balcony is now a little more pimped.

I don't know where the credit is due; but, someone made the conclusion that any girl whose last name ends in -"ova" is beautiful. I concur.

Saturday was Sarp's birthday. The suddenly poor weather and pickling livers left us lounging around the flat for the majority of the day save a prompt foray to the grocery store where we got food for a feast of near-epic proportions. We only ate once during the day though which resulted in what I like to call a "multi-kebab" evening. Good times, no doubt.

We did eventually move out to continue the slow euthanasia of our bodies via ethanol abuse. The first bar we were at closed around 10pm. Don't ask, "Welcome to Slovakia." This all came as something of a surprise and we couldn't convince the bartenders to pour us another beer because they had already closed the lines and cleaned the taps. Not to be defeated I managed to convince them it would be clean and easy to sell me a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka and some shot glasses. We settled on a price of 17.70 Euro.

The night continued on in much the same manner as the weather steadily improved. Sarp, Carlee and I were home and in bed by around 3:30am after a short post-bar drink at the kitchen table. I took Carlee to the Bus Station at 8:00am and have been doing some research for work and eating leftover pizza since.

I should crash about 7 hours from now, setting me up perfectly for what will no-doubt be a "Slam Dunk" Monday. Efficiency is a way of life, as far as I'm concerned.

Bill Bryson on Stockholm:
"It had a kind of knocked out charm, but was surprisingly lacking in any air of prosperity. Most of the windows were dirty, the brass name plates and door knockers were generally unpolished, and almost every building was in serious need of a good coat of paint. It looked much as I would expect Cracow or Bratislava to look."

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