Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Jaunt to the Store

I just returned from getting groceries. I'm starting to find myself do funny, adult-like things every now and then. Like putting food in the fridge when someone is coming to visit.

On my way out of the flat I waited for the bigger elevator to come even though the small one arrived almost a full minute earlier. The legitimate rationalization running through my brain is that I would rather spend 2 days in the bigger lift on the chance it gets stuck.

During my trip I am pretty sure I saw 6 supermodels in addition to the array of other beautiful women who were a little less tall.

I keep leaving the house without a camera which is starting to annoy me. Every time I go outside I see at least a few things that make me wonder and are worth capturing. I take a lot of pictures but mostly of random stuff, not like the tourists that coagulate the city centre at lunch time.

Concert girl is coming to visit for a few days starting tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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