Monday, June 15, 2009

Compiling Common Contemptible Contemplations

I now know the name of a few bus stops and how to read the schedule so it allows me some freedom in my route planning. I'm no longer a slave to the #39, but remain a whore shared by the component parts of the public transit system. Today
I found a new tram to take home. I'm not sure if the tram was struggling to stay running or trying to give me a seizure but the ride was punctuated by rapidly flickering lights. It almost caused me to spill chili sauce from my offal stuffed pita all over myself. Speaking of kebab, the man who made it also gave me my change by digging through a pot of Euro coinage with his filthy paws. Another testament to the lack of public health standards.

I have yet to experience anything near writer's block. If anything I struggle to get my ideas onto paper fast enough. I think the clarity of my prose suffers as a result. Sorry about that. Now excuse me while I continue to vomit semi-digested thoughts and observations onto this webpage.

I'll start with Monday, because that's what I remember most recently. Work is getting better. For the first time today I felt justly confident in my optimism. Life with the new sales manager has been good. I'm getting a lot of feedback on the regular. The calls we make are supposed to follow this eight step process. It's annoying because in principle it should be easy but you try so hard not to sound like a robot while reading a script. Today we had a meeting at which our newly anointed leader explained why we did each step. I think that was critical for me because it allows me to be more flexible in talking to clients. I can react and prompt the conversation in a natural way while still accomplishing the big picture goals that are prerequisite for a successful sales call. I'm also told it's a matter of perseverance, that the next call could literally change your life and you just have to get in touch with the right person. Basically it's a numbers game, which I can deal with.

This morning a man in a suit stopped me in the street and started talking to me in Slovak. I replied with "Nie Slovensko" and he looked genuinely surprised. I guess I'm starting to look like I fit in.

Over the weekend I went to a beach. Summer is going to be awesome. I also found out I work beside a Casino. Enter gambling addiction.

Friday at lunch I was served soup steaming hot. I don't think I've commented on it yet but every lunch special comes with a bowl of soup, which is perplexing given the consistent 30 degree climate. Usually it's not so big a deal because the soup is old and cold. Friday was the first time my soup was served closer to boiling hot than luke warm. My Friday morning at work was further interrupted by a bomb siren. Allegedly there was an announcement in Slovak beforehand saying it was a test but the city went into "Fire-Drill" mode for the better part of 30 minutes. I've never seen anything like it.

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