Sunday, June 28, 2009


There is a giant TV tower on the mountains to the North West. I like watching it play hide and seek as the clouds and fog consume it and then roll by, exposing it briefly before it vanishes again.

Following a 21 bar Bratislava Monopoly Pub Crawling I am in a dire state. I notice a nice plant on my window sill that I remember stealing circa round 17.

Watching episodes of House season 2 and plotting my next move. I found some gummy bears that will help moderate my blood glucose in the interim while I think of something better to eat and if in fact I will leave my bed today.

I fond this, start the slideshow it's cool.

Two cups of coffee, a chapter of Zig Ziglar, an hour of ironing and I am well on my way to salvaging the day. The TV tower is hiding again. I'm almost as wet from the humidity inside as if I were in the rain outside.

Also did some research to care for my new botanic friend. Apparently it is almost indestructible which ironically makes me somewhat more worried. In the event I neglect it too much and it does die I will know I definitively lack the green thumb.

Just got back from getting groceries with Sarp. I am unstoppable.

Did some writing and watched the TV tower reappear, it looks like a ray or two of sunshine has burned off ths vaporous cloak for now. I think another episode of House is in store while I eat dinner. Slovak lessons have gotten rescheduled to Monday morning from Tuesday so early bed will be the most beneficial thing for future-Jeff. I still have so much trouble with actually going to bed. I wish I just loved going to sleep, that would probably make mornings way easier. It must be a priority thing.
I'm going to bowl on some clowns this week.

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