Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who is Concert Girl?

Depending on how you know me she might be known as Commerce Girl or Concert Girl.

I literally bumped into Carlee, spilling her beer all over her, at a Matt Good Band concert at Bluesfest last year. For whatever reason, probably my boyish charm, we ended up interacting amicably for the subsequent two hours. That was it.

Three months later, after deciding to toy with Commerce oriented electives, I noticed this girl who looked quite familiar. A few days after mentioning that I was from Ottawa during the awkward class introduction stage, we ended up walking out of class at more or less the same time. We had to go in the same direction and she inquired about where in Ottawa I was from. A few minutes of lively discussion later she put on her sunglasses which triggered the vivid visual reminder of the girl at the concert with the huge sunglasses who was now covered in beer.Turns out it was the same person.

I just returned from the bus station as she is now headed to Praha (Prague). It was great having another visitor and I'm sad she is now on her way. It is worthy of note that I was less upset than when Mr. Ayer left. I think there are probably a few contributing factors to this but I'm going to say that I'm adjusting more and feeling a little bit more like home.

Last night was Sarp's birthday. The place is a mess and I am going to wait until he wakes up before passing the Hoover. Instead I will listen to the new Dave Matthews Band album, drink coffee and read the news. An update of the weekend will come soon enough.

Podcasts I'm hearing:
-LSAT Logic in Everyday Life
-Ideas, CBC Radio
-Business Week Innovation of the Week.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

NEWS UPDATE I: Shit is crazy. Quite graphic.

NEWS UPDATE II: Twitter and Iran, 6 lessons learned.

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