Thursday, July 23, 2009

ADD Blogging

Lightning is blowing up the sky in every direction. It's not raining so gale force winds are blowing dust into my eight story windows. It's swelteringly hot and sleep seems unlikely.

Work was especially tedious today. It was an exercise in futility and a lesson in patience. The American obsession with voicemail is seriously getting in the way of my work.

In other news, the S&P 500 is marching higher, making my Investopedia account green with positive percentage points. I need to accumulate more dollars so that I can do cool stuff.

My boss gave me what he says is his favourite book. Everyone he has lent it to has gone on to be wildly successful, or so he tells me. I guess the pressure is on.

Jackie is coming tomorrow, I'm excited. It makes the world feel smaller.

UPDATE: There is a half-built building across the courtyard. People live in it but they ran out of money so couldn't finish the top two floors. I just watched the entire roof blow off and come crashing down. This storm is nuts.

UPDATE II: This morning about 30 cars were completely crushed by falling debris. Felled trees and what had once been a roof blocked the entire road. Sarp was lucky to have parked up the street.

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