Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Critical Concept of China


This particular tyrade does have an immediate and underlying prompt.

Since arriving in the present post-communist destination I find myself occupying, I have thought a lot about China. Maybe it's because the last chapter of the last book I finished was about China. I've started new books, and an audiobook, so that seems unlikey. More probable is that I am interested to see how the Chinese political situation plays out. After having my own reality sucker punched by a vivid account of the shortcomings of state-run markets my curiosity has been tickled.

Yesterday I caught myself in the middle of posing a question to myself about the aging population. Either a lot of people are going to sufer a quickly eroding quality of life and then death or healthcare costs are going to get a baseball bat to the bottom-left side of the jaw and fly through the roof. Drugs are getting more expensive despite what mitigation might result from novel risk-sharing pricing strategies.

Their military is the biggest employer in the world, so that must help.

ASIDE: With regards to my health, I dare say it's improving. I have some information on Slovak Doctor's that looks promisingI will continue to lay low, work and watch pirated movies. I think the highest level activity I will pursue is going to Strkovecke Jazero for a few hours. A true communist working mans paradise.

UPDATE II Crazy Unemployment Map

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