Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Note on Change

It has been swelteringly hot here. As a result, sleeping, which I disdain enough on a regular day, now is even harder to attain.

In Slovakia, it's a commodity of the highest regard. I've learned this the hard way about 4 times this week.

At your local gas station, or convenience store: If you don't have exact change, people give you looks of scorn and contempt. It's a malicious bluff to try and extort you out of your last pieces of Nickel-Zinc alloy. You feel a bit better because you know someone just did it to them. It has always been at extremely regular times of day and only a few cents but none of these bitches have coinage.

I guess the Euro is still too fresh here.

UPDATE: On Twitter the other day I mentioned that the water in my bathroom tap was brown. Turn out the water in the washing machine was too. FML.

UPDATE II: Today at the grocery store it happened again. 9 cent short, it's just another hidden cost of life here.

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