Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Another Wednesday Morning

Nothing to see here. Last night I went out with a few co-workers after a long day at the office. A few pints (for dirt cheap) on a rooftop patio, after pounding the phones, is relaxing. We're investing most of our time in calling America these days so we usually end up working late to make the most of the time zone discrepancy. People are also more aggressive, which is making my job a lot of fun/crazy. I didn't get home until later than I care to say, and tonight I'm going to my first Football Champions League qualifier. Although I wasn't by any means "piss-liquored drunk" it's not something I would have done a few months ago. My priorities have shifted. Not too much though, usually I'm still pretty week-day boring. I also still lack vegetables in my diet.

Rewind 80 days or so and my weeknights were stark in difference. I sat huddled over my pitch, in a dimly lit kitchen. I practiced and wished and hoped things would go better tomorrow. I poured the majority of my time and effort into work. There was no work-life balance.

I closed another deal yesterday. I'm beginning to believe quotes like: Success is failure meeting persistence.
It's not such a glamorous idea but I think it's encouraging. You don't gotta be born a Mozart, bitches.

Aside: Forget Starbucks, that gang of baristas doesn't even franchise. While I plot a new scheme to sway their over-caffeinated drip coffee in my direction I think I should make a Bratislava survival book. Something flashy, "Bratislava, WTF: All I needed to know for my year in Slovakia." Or something like that.
When I picked up Jackie at the train station people were lost and confused. No information was available. Staffing a little booth with a really hot girl would probably help with profitability. I would need to learn things like number of english speaking people arriving, and what things are like at the bus station and airport...

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