Sunday, March 29, 2009


Adding a blogroll to my blog was a great idea. I knew it would add value, but I wasn't quite sure just how.

On one level, having my

Most importantly, it's convenient for me. Yup, that might sound selfish but I don't really care. It shows me which of my favorite blogs has been most recently updates, saving me from having to comb my rough list looking for new posts. My real blog list is much longer, the ones listed here are just particularly value adding ones, I'll have you know. Reading Atlas Shrugged is really interesting and helping me to discern certain fairly obvious ideas in remarkable clarity. One of which, that I'm currently entertaining, is the notion and the dimensions of greed. I'm beginning to think greed is honorable because it's honest. When you are serving someone to serve yourself it is likely you are going to do a better job.

On an unrelated note, at a BBQ yesterday, a friend of mine, to me debunked Socialism by asking me: who would spend my money more efficiently, me or you?

This week for the markets I'm going to try and really look at all time frames before trading. That's my goal for the week.

My birthday's tomorrow!

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