Thursday, March 5, 2009

Victory, at Last

I finished a midterm today, it went pretty well. I'll admit I had trouble focusing on it, hence the hectic state I found myself an occupant of, in the days prior to now.


Sorry if that's obnoxious or offensive but I am employed and my future is hopefully, somewhat secured! It made studying for an elective, in my last 4 weeks of university, something less of a priority. It's exactly the job I wanted.

I found that it existed on one of my daily combings of various job databases online and I was pretty stoked about the opportunity. It's a cool chance that will leverage my science knowledge and skills with the business savvy/drive that I think I might possess. It's a real challenge, I hope I have to test myself in a great environment. I'm ready to learn in new ways, and achieve new kinds of success. It's also in a far off country that will require me to learn a new language! I'm going to download the iphone application for said language now. Can you tell I've been writing "hella" cover letters lately?

Job hunting has been really frustrating and a veritable lesson in perseverance. If I'm going to get any further in life I'm going to have to start networking. Mostly I think I just need to put myself in a good environment and make friends.

I'm going to party this weekend, hopefully get a funny story or two. I haven't been paying attention to the stock market today because of all the crazy stuff that was happening. I've really tried to make it my full time job, now that I'm not going to school all that much. I've learned a lot in investing and the PPT has taught me a lot already, and I'm just learning how to use it. Now that I don't have to look for a job anymore I won't even feel guilty about doing it so much.

My best friend from my hometown is coming up to visit tonight as well. He has a court date tomorrow to fight a drinking in public ticket he was slapped with at Homecoming. Unjustly, of course.

I can't wait to get a new chair.

Still wondering what the PPT is?

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