Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Important Issue of Blogging

When I decided that I would start a blog, there was the pertinent issue of a name. The one I settled on wasn't the first idea I had. There were a bunch of lame ass non-committed bloggers, wasting user and blog names both. Their blogs contain a single post from 2006, you know the sort. A failed, half-assed attempt at sharing their invaluable perspectives, no doubt.

I must commit, although I will try to refrain from espousing views simply for the purpose of espousing, or feeling important. I will always do my best to add value to your day. I will do my best to keep offering perspective and not let this project fall by the wayside.

If someone wants my blog name, they won't be able to have it. D'uh, I'm using it. Hopefully they will come across a vibrant and evolving corner of the blogosphere. I owe it to future bloggers to create something of value. I want to feel confident in my product. If someone were to want to start a blog with this name, they would at least see that it already existed and that it was more than one somewhat introspective post about a vague topic, never to be fully addressed.

Get ready for a fresh week!

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