Saturday, March 21, 2009

Monetary Dependence and Financing

My parents are coming to visit today. They are rolling through town and are stopping by. They'd be taking me out for dinner but my friends are also coming up.

Having been a student for the vast majority of the last 21 years, has left me extremely reliant on my parents, when it comes to issues of financial concerns. This year in particular, seems worse than most. I lived away from home all summer so my expenses were giant. It's much more affordable when your mother pays for your food and utilities for 4 months.

I have a job lined up soon that should, barring my complete inability to perform, allow me to reach my financial independence. After a year or two of work I don't expect to have to rely on my parents ever again. I'm stoked about this.

In the meantime, I need some starter money to get my show on the road and set me up. I'm currently trying to figure out exactly how much coin I will need, and what my travel plans would be like. I'm going to try and ask my parents for a large sum of money. I've done some number crunching and, based on the 6 Euro liters of vodka, it seems my price of living will be substantially less in Eastern Europe. I'm going to try and crop thousands of dollars from my parents and structure up some sort of payment plan.

I think this would be preferable to continually asking them to top up my account. I've gotten used to a sort of autonomy that I now feel entitled to. Entitled is a dangerous word.

Happy Saturday! Spring is coming and I love it.

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