Thursday, March 12, 2009

Market Connections

I wanted to blog about this last night, but fittingly, my internet wasn’t working.
I cannot believe how badly I feel the need to be connected. When I don’t have access to whatever information I feel that I need (basically when I lack internet access, for whatever reason), I start to get upset. It’s pretty ridiculous and I can identify it when it happens. Regardless, I start to feel my blood pump with a little more vigour than usual, I hit the “refresh” button a few times, and last night I pulled out my cable and reset the network; to no avail. I don’t know how I would have survived years ago, before this information age we find ourselves a part of. I guess I would have imagined more.

The main point here is: the internet and my need to be able to access information are critical to my peace of mind.

On to more important things, I said this blog would talk about the market. So far I have completely failed to do that. Here’s an attempt at a remedy, in light of some new developments.

Now that I am no longer job hunting, I have an egregious amount of free time, and no guilt to accompany what would be wasting it, if I had something more productive to be doing. I’ve really re-focussed on the market. My friend has given me control of her Investopedia account for a class assignment. It’s my first [paper] money managing practice so I have to perform!

I try and figure out general market moves by reading charts, blogs and looking at some numbers. Sorry if that sounds lofty. I use a variety of sources to try and get a feeling for what the day is going to be like, before I start trading. I sometimes sleep in, but I almost never trade in the first hour. If I want to survive commission fees I need to execute each trade perfectly, with an entry and exit plan.

I will leg into big positions.

I am currently all long for the first time in awhile but will start adding shorts soon if the S&P breaks up once more.

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