Monday, August 10, 2009

Back at It

Saturday, in the spirit of National Violence Against Roma Day Mike defended my honour by throwing an idle cup of water into the face of an aggressive gypsy. Only once the aforementioned destitute member of society hacked a lugie at me after we refused to buy his sub par magazine. Luckily I'm dodgy as hell and managed to evade the spit missile. Other than that our weekend was pretty standard, by very high standards. If you know what I mean.

It's nice to share my new world with someone who grew up with me. And sort of sad to be alone again. I get the idea that Mike was a little shocked at my newfound surroundings as well. He expressed an equal degree of perplexity as I first did, at the lack of a push/pull convention on building doors. But with the end of Monday fast approaching the weekend feels miles away and I find myself thrust back into this grinding and blogging business.

Truth be told, I'm still pretty exhausted. I hope it's a testament to the hectic weekend and not some underlying malady or anemia, of which I am unaware, eroding my stamina. As the final month of summer marches steadily towards its terminal week I can't help but feel my perception of time in the last few months has been distorted. In retrospect it feels as though it has all flown by; yet, I can vividly recall the agonizingly slow pace of those first few days, and select incidents thereafter. I will now spend the rest of my August 10th, 2009 waking hours practicing Slovak so as to not feel like such a moron in class tomorrow morning.

I need to do something to get myself pumped up about work this week. Hopefully sleep, something I usually disdain, will help.

ASIDE: Here's a fun one for all those wannabe CEOs out there. Rap music is poetic motivation, haters.

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  1. The whole time I read those commandments I heard your voice, with the word "bitch!" at the end of every sentence.