Sunday, August 2, 2009

Life Hack: Define Your Week.

I've been up for a few hours. It's Monday morning, an hour or so before work. I'm in the office, well into my second cup of coffee.

I find the idea of starting the week early appealing. And not just Monday early.

I love the feeling of jubilation that accompanies the end of each Friday afternoon, don't get me wrong. By Sunday however, I usually find myself thinking about work again. As morning makes way for afternoon, my hangover subsides and my mind clears. I have few distractions here, so work is the only real thing to start worrying about once my social agenda clears.

After my most recent weekend dinner, I ironed a few shirts and reviewed my pitch. I practiced a bit of Slovak. I've found that when I start doing things Sunday night that either get me in the working mindset or help prepare for Monday my life is a lot easier on the first day of the work week.

I'm itching to get going while the majority of you slackers are enslaving yourselves to the snooze button. Don't let societal definitions of the week dictate your behaviour. Do what works for you.

UPDATE: Hard work pays. More proof.

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