Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Just Think About It.

I've mentioned it once before , but it's been raining again and the absolute rancor diffusing from the fermenting sewers is all kinds of putrid. I feel the need to emphasize it once again. Sorry. Nothing is easy in Slovakia, except buying corn on the cob. For whatever reason that shit is ubiquitous in these parts.

Anyways, on my stroll to the tram with my boss, after a measly 11 hours in the office, while sporadically getting jabbed in the face by fists of stench, the subject of smart work breached our conversation. You see, we work with this one girl who works indefatigably hard. Her results are consistently above average; but, quite frankly, she sucks. I mean the quality of the majority of her output is substandard, as far as we could tell. The thing is, her ethic is consistent and extreme. If I was a child laborer on coke, she would be a spartan warrior on steroids mixed with MDMA in some sort of super drug cocktail.

In Slovak the word is kokteil -and camping is kemping. See, this language barrier isn't such a big deal.

The thing is, I think she would be exponentially more successful if she took a little time to look back for areas upon which to improve. Things that weren't just quite perfect. But I'm still new at this, so what do I know.

My Slovak Teacher/Supermodel tells us that Slovaks have just adopted a lot of words as their vocabulary has grown. My favourite one yet is a breakfast occurrence. "Ham and Eggs" is hemendex. Say it fast.

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