Thursday, August 27, 2009

Verbosity 2009

Sarp is back, and the fridge is ripe with 2L Coca-Cola bottles once again. Everything feels right. In his absence, The Discovery Channel has more or less become the background noise of my life, whenever I'm at home. It's just nice to hear English discourse. This show "Snake Master" is on right now. The guy is a modern day Steve Irwin (RIP) focused exclusively on serpents. They are interviewing him and the funny thing is, although a total smooth operator with our legless and cold-blooded friends he had to overcome wicked claustrophobia. Everyone has hurdles to deal with.

I made two trips to the grocery store last weekend. On neither of them was I able to buy chicken breast. My fridge is therefore a little emptier than usual so I returned to the place of reckoning for a quick stock-up. I was feeling particularly observant on my journey.

It's worth noting that my house is undergoing something of a facelift. In an attempt to differentiate it from the other faded and gray buildings that pollute the skyline, it's getting a new colour. Rather than paint the concrete, they seem to be covering the building in blocks of foam, whose physical properties provide the impression of a fiberglass-styrofoam hybrid. It is this mysterious material that they will paint a "McDonald's Pickle" shade of green. Lovely. To make matters worse, the building is completely encapsulated by a giant exoskeleton of scaffold. There is always a construction worker outside one of the windows. Hammering or shouting. The impact statement of all this, is that there has been an increase in gypsies in the area. This might be a result of small sample sizes but I'm about 80% confident in the statement, with a 7.5% interval. My personal hypothesis is that the Roma are a resourceful bunch, and the shit-storm of construction material strewn about is too intriguing to turn down.

Oh yeah, I was returning from work earlier in the week. I walked in on a building wide meeting. From what I could gather from my neighbourly monoglots was that I am going to have to endure this "nonsery" for a period of 3 months.

I alluded to the skyline earlier. The view isn't terrible actually. In the area immediately around my building the greenery is lush and extremely overgrown. From a distance it looks nice. Which brings me to my next point. I'm already making note of places that look "extra communist" in preparation for my first ever flickerphoto foray. With the arrival of winter, the strictly deciduous tree population shall succumb to the perils of seasonality. The grey and barren result will be a landscape describable only as "bleak as hell." I think it will be funny. Or misery loves company.

Have I mentioned pedestrian rights? Probably not because I don't remember what they are. The attitude of drivers almost makes me believe that I should be jealous of their cars. As though they are better than me, for having a car. And sure, maybe that's true to an extent, for now. My timeframe is longer than yours, bitches. I digress. It's important as ever to look both ways around here.

Obviously the month is just about over, hopefully paralleling: The end of this blog post. This month hasn't been as good as July. It's going to suck to get less money, that's for certain. I've reflected though. At the beginning, I was complacent. I had just cashed in big and I was caught on my heels. Never again. Winning feels too good.

The weekend, a long one, promises to be crazy, one way or the other. Check back Monday for hilarity.

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