Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Outsourcing, A Case Study

DISCLAIMER: I don't know exactly how this may or may not apply to the real world. Any meaning you derive has been reached by your own conclusions. Or you can read mine. You should probably do both.

I'm obsessed with the stock market. Once again, science wins. Maybe I have found a way to harness my binge behaviour; with a pursuit society excepts as reasonable -Potentially most destructive of all.

Allocating appropriate attention to global financial markets has been difficult and demanding in the months most recent. For obvious reasons. As addictions go: It's pretty consuming. I don't have time right now to constantly be refreshing select tickers. No matter how good the dopamine squirts feel, with every uptick. Ergo, I've had to find ways to streamline. I'm going to test one. Right here. Right now. You see sir, If I blog about it, then I am more accountable. Haters can call me out for sucking if I fail. A valuable opportunity for reflection?

ASIDE: Generally I will try to avoid making you read my mental logic map mid-post. This entry is cleared labeled as a case study though, so you knew it was going to be rough around the edges. Bare with me through this thought experiment.

In this particular example I am looking to buy a stock. I saw the stock PETS mentioned in the Stocktwits Recommended Stream. I ran it through an analytical screener or two that I've come to like. I like what I see so I am going to buy 10% of the total position I am willing to a lot. The decision didn't take that much time. Hopefully it will be money.

ASIDE II: I wouldn't usually put so many links in a row. But this is science. I can't be as verbose as usual. Ironic how I keep throwing in all these extra notes.

CONCLUSION: The point of this post isn't buying stock, d'uh. It's about maximizing the use of the time. If the hot pick works out, I'll get some more confidence in my methodology. I'll know where my system needs tweaking. I can still a lot time to it but I take out legwork by checking out legit sources. Of course finding the sources is the tricky part and essentially what we are testing. It's about doing this as effectively and efficiently as possible so I have more time to do other random happenings.

I'll update you when I exit the trade.

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